1. aurinkotomaatteja:

    June 2013
    Tampere, Finland

    I can’t explain how much I miss my life and infinite moments with beautiful people who make me feel good about myself. Nowadays I’m not even able to leave my house.

    (via hype-cities)

  3. @whyidontskateboard

  4. Stop by @stancesocks HQ today for our @cyclezombies x @dicemagazine event. Bikes, brews, babes, beards, and boards! 1-6.

    193 Ave La Pata
    San Clemente, CA

  5. Empty spaces.

  6. Thanks for the good times & the opportunity to make some rad displays @stancesocks ! Hella thanks @malorrrrrie @senderud @nessa_tabrizy @d0uble_s for the help!! (at Stance HQ)

  7. Lurkaholics πŸ’» (at Stance HQ)

  8. Farts & Crafts πŸ”¨πŸ”¨

  9. #BobRoss

  10. Butterz.

  11. Brunch 🍴

  12. Lost at sea 🚣 (at San Clemente, CA)

  13. Thump Gallery @chantaldefelice (at San Clemente, CA)

  14. @emteee (at Stance HQ)

  15. @crailtap (at Torrance, CA. )